Weihrauch HW110 Carbine

The brand new HW110 Carbine has just been released by Weihrauch.

Like the Weihrauch HW110 full length the HW110 Carbine will be available in a sporter style with a soft touch black stock. Features will include a 10 shot magazine, weihrauch silencer, quick fill cylinder, match tigger and a fast fire action.

The new Carbine version will be shorter and lighter ideal for those shooters that require a compact rifle.

The HW110 Carbine has the same lightweight action as the HW110 but has a shorter air cylinder and barrel.

The HW110 Carbine comes with a new 10 shot magazine, side safety lever, and of course one of their superb rifled barrels along with a Weihrauch Silencer to make the rifle whisper quiet.

The stock on this rifle is a black synthetic sporter which is very weather resistant and gives this rifle a tactical look and feel. This point is further reinforced with the weaver mounting rail on top of the breach which holds your optics very firmly.

The Carbine version also comes with a weaver rail under the stock allowing the shooter to fit a bipod or laser.


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Weihrauch HW110 Carbine

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