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The S variant of the HW100 is the one with a Sporter stock, this stock made from finest walnut and then oiled. It has checkering on the fore end and pistol grip and a nice sharp comb on the stock.

The S has a full length barrel which is 10cm longer than the KS, providing excellent accuracy. 

The HW100 range is probably the finest all round PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) on the market today. It is the sweetheart of the target shooting world with multiple national level shooters using them. It is also found in the hands of the best hunters and plinkers alike.

Target shooters love the HW100 because of its reliability and accuracy and hunters love it because of the multi-shot magazine system, high shot count and usability.


- Features: sporter stock
- 14 Shot Rotary Magazine.
- Biathlon Style Loading Lever.
- Removable Air Cylinder.
- External Pressure gauge.
- Overall Length 1058mm.
- Barrel Length 410mm.
- Large shot capacity (140 .22 & 110 .177 @ 11.5ftlbs)
- Weight Unscoped 3.8kg

PDF for hw100kt Weihrauch HW100S User Manual

Style Sporter
Weight 3.3kg
Type PreCharged
Action Type Side lever 14 shot magazine
Power 11.5ftlbs
Fill Pressure 200bar
Barrel Length 310mm
Over All Length 958mm


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Weihrauch HW100S

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