Sport Ear X Pro

The ProSounds X-Pro ear plug is a revolution in ear plug technology: offering the ability to simply turn your protection off and on by using a small red button.

The ear plug itself is made of soft, hypoallergenic, medical grade polyer and locks comfortably into the ear for a strong, reliable fit that shouldn't come loose. The complete pack comes with a small and a large set of both soft foam tips (30dB Noise Reduction) and silicone rubber tips (24dB Noise Reduction) for a truly personal experience.

Pressing the button activates a valve which locks the noise reduction in place. Pressing it again releases the valve and allows you to hear everything clearly without removing the plugs. Simply hit it again and you're protected by up to 30dB of noise reduction.

Because of this ear plugs versatile nature, it is perfect for shooting, driving, military usage and most other situations where you may require hearing protection.


Sport Ear X Pro

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