The NEW Pulsar Digex C50 is Pulsar's first digital night vision scope that will offer both colour through the day and black and white at night. The Digex C50 offers visual aesthetics on any hunting set-up from the outside the C50 resembles a classic day sight in a 30mm housing. This form factor provides flexibility for mounting the scope on hunting set-ups using proven ring solutions.

The use of different lens and sensor operating modes guarantees the best results at any time of day. In the morning and at twilight, during the day and after midnight, the image is clear and detailed. The scope discerns game trophy qualities and peculiarities of behavior in Full HD resolution, providing the hunter with the maximum possible information to make the right decision and take a shot.

The Digex C50 combines the full-colour imaging of classic daytime optics with ultimate digital functionality. So conservative day hunting becomes high tech and a usual day sight is simply unnecessary.

In deep twilight, when the human eye is already unable to discern details of observed objects, the Digex C50 displays a bright image with correct colour rendering, prolonging hunting time into the night.

The Digex C50 has the best sensitivity in its class for infrared spectrum (night sensitivity).

The Digex C50 is powered with two rechargeable batteries: one built-in with a capacity of 4.9Ah, the other replaceable with a capacity of 2Ah. A single charge guarantees up to 10 hours of battery life, which covers the time of active use of the scope for a hunt.


  • Variable magnification from 3.5x to 14x
  • High contrast 1024x768 HD AMOLED display
  • SumLight enhanced sensitivity software
  • Wide-angle eyepiece for comfortable observation
  • 5 shooting profiles / 50 zeroing distances
  • High-precision aiming "Picture-in-picture" mode
  • High caliber recoil rated up to: .375H&H, 12 guage and 9.3x64
  • Instant start-up
  • Photo and video recording
  • Built in bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Remote firmware update
  • Stream Vision 2 compatible
  • Completely waterproof IPX7



    • Display: AMOLED
    • Display Resolution: 1024x768
    • Sensor: CMOS
    • Sensor Resolution: 1928x1088
    • Magnification: 3.5-14x (4x magnification)
    • Detection Range: 550m (with 850nm IR)
    • Objective Lens: F50/1.4
    • Field of View: 6.7x5 / 11.7x8.8º
    • Eye Releif: 50mm
    • Output Voltage: 3.0-4.2V
    • Battery: Dual Li-ion B-Pack
    • Battery Capacity: 2000mAh (external), 4900mAh (internal)
    • Operating Time: 10hrs
    • Operating Temperature: -25ºc to + 50ºC
    • Waterproof: IPX7
    • Dimensions: 408x78x83mm
    • Weight 1.5kg


    Pulsar Digex C50 Digital Colour Night Vision Scope with X850S IR illuminator package

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