PRS Daystate Alpha & Delta Wolf Rotary Single Shot Loader

The ROTARY Single Shot Loader is a wheel-fed option to replace the auto-loading magazine system. It is specific to the Daystate alpha and delta wolf electronic PCPs and will not fit any other Daystate air rifle model.


The Rotary Loader incorporates a wheel-fed loading system. It fits into the breech bay in place of the Alpha / Delta Wolf’s magazine.


  • Using the Rotary Single Shot Loader in an Alpha Wolf or Delta Wolf could not be easier!
  • Open the rifle’s sidelever
  • Rotate the rotary drum 180 degrees to expose the single loading aperture. The Loader fits for either left or right loading
  • Insert your pellet into the aperture nose-first
  • Rotate the rotary drum 180 degrees back
  • Close the sidelever


The Single-Shot Loader has been precision engineered by PRS. It is made form high-grade aluminium. Its finish is black anodising. The caliber is etched on the rotary drum.


PRS Daystate Alpha & Delta Wolf Rotary Single Shot Loader

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