Hades Pellets .22 by JSB

JSB Hades Airgun Pellets .22

The Hades range of airgun pellets by JSB have been designed especially for hunters. Combining the aerodynamic shape of the Exact range of pellets with a specifically designed hollow point head for the best hunting performance. JSB are renowned for their accurate pellets that are suitable for firing straight out of the tin. These pellets will deal a devastating blow to their target due to their design and manufacturing process.


Hades .22 pellets have been characterised by excellent accuracy which is ideal for hunting, but it is worth noting that these pellets are capable of other uses. They work extremely well with a wide range of muzzle velocities. The cut-outs of the head have been created to strategically weaken the head in order to aid expansion upon impact.

  • Weight : 15.89 grain
  • Tins Size : 500
  • Calibre : .22
  • Weight : 10.34 grain
  • Tins Size : 500
  • Calibre : .177
  • Weight : 26.54 grain
  • Tins Size : 500
  • Calibre : .25

JSB Hades Pellets

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