Hills Air Compressor Evo-310 - The Hill's Electric Air Compressor For Filling Airguns

The Evo 310

The Evo 310 has a number of changes and improvements in how the compressor works, including some great new features, making the Hill Compressor even more reliable, durable and with a better user experience.

We have built in an Automatic Air Pressure Purge -
This kicks in whenever the motor on the compressor stops, so when it goes into a cooling cycle and when a fill is paused or finished.
This not only takes the strain off the motor when starting again against very high pressures, but has the added benefit of purging the air, including any moisture from inside the unit.
This is very important for people filling larger rifles and or cylinders.

The new unit also benefits from our continuous improvement in R & D, including our new super durable Shuttle Valve, which we made from some quite exotic material….
Users should note that this shuttle valve does give the compressors a unique sound compared to other compressors out there on the market, but they are very efficient, extremely long lasting and when you hear that sound you will now instantly that it is a Hill Compressor!

We have built in a new highly accurate digital pressure sensor with an additional analogue gauge, this is extremely accurate, but also means that you no longer need to recalibrate the compressor during a major service.

The Evo 310 can be set as low as 50 bar (755 psi) and up to 310 bar (4500 psi).

The Evo 310 also benefits from completely new electronic architecture along with completely new software, as with all Hill products the electronics have been designed and tested in house by our own software, and electronics engineers, and believe it or not the PCB's are manufactured here in Sheffield too.

This new Evo 310 is incredibly simple to service and maintain, with tutorial videos available on our YouTube Channel (search Hill Pumps) along with our amazing team of customer support staff based in our Sheffield office.



How to fill your compressor with oil.

Hills Air Compressor Evo-310 - The Hill's Electric Air Compressor For Filling Airguns

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