Daystate Delta Wolf Black Tactical PCP Ai Rifle

Daystate Delta Wolf heralds the birth of a new family of electronic precharged pneumatic (PCP) airguns for the decade ahead. The advent of this technology truly reinforces Daystate’s reputation as maker of the world’s most advanced airguns. Nothing like Delta Wolf has been attempted in either the airgun – or firearm – worlds before.

Key Features:

1. New Advanced Velocity Technology (AVT) with display touch screen

2. Multi calibre with fast-change barrel system

3. Factory-set power profiles for each calibre

4. Shooter tuning customization

5. Exclusive OEM Huma-Air regulated

6. New large capacity magazine

7. A.R.T-approved barrel

8. Bluetooth connectivity

9. Superior Silencing

10. Modular ‘Tactical’ format

11. Future proofed – upgradable as features develop

Delta Wolf is the first Daystate to adopt an advanced tactical form factor that has proven popular with shooters across multiple disciplines - but make no mistake; Delta Wolf is the worlds most advanced airgun and represents two years of development and investments that, courtesy of newly-filed patents, will make it a very hard act to follow, let alone actually beat!

Full Features:

1. The Delta Wolf features new Advanced Velocity Technology (AVT) electronic management system that makes the Delta Wolf the most advanced Airgun in the world.

2. Available in all popular calibres, .177, .22, in 43cm barrel and .177, .22, .25 & .30 in 60cm barrel with the ability for the shooter to switch barrel/calibres without special tools

3. Electronically pre-programmed for quick power and calibre changes

4. With its unique built -in chronoscope, the Delta Wolf corrects velocity while also allowing the shooter to dial in their preferred feeeet per second

5. Adjustable 22mm picatinny scope rail and cheek-piece for different scope type/eye relief

6. Picatinny under and side rails for a range of accessories

7. AR style switchable pistol grip, familiar AR style safety

8. A newly developed magazine system with a larger capacity from 8 – 13 shots (according to calibre) with the ability to pair magazines in the breech - to double shot count to 16-26 shots

9. The Delta Wolf action is user-tuneable for different velocity and power levels with different ammunition types

10. The Delta Wolf’s 430 and 600mm A.R.T-developed barrels are compatible with the latest generation of airgun ‘slug’ ammunition

11. A Bluetooth module allows the DeltaWolf to connect in the future to other accessories and apps

12. Superior ergonomics with fast-switching side lever action – conversion from left to right in around a minute

13. Adjustable but pad with optional exclusive PRS accessories to add an expanding range of custom accessories

14. With is larger 30mm diameter carbon fibre shroud the DeltaWolf is a rifle to be seen but not heard. Its new shroud and optional 0db silencer justwipe out decibels

15. Removable bottle – carry extra lightweight carbon fibre bottles with you while also being able to fill through a connector on the rifle

16. New fast flow valve system

17. Exclusive Factory-fit Huma Air Regulator

18. Huge biggest in class (34cc) plenum chamber for more power

19. Onboard high capacity Li-Po battery with charging port on rifle (charges via USB C connector)

20. Weight (approx.) 3.1 kg (6.84 lbs) 60cm barrel model

21. Length 840mm (34”) 60cm barrel model

22. Electronic match trigger and multi adjustable blade positions

23. DeltaWolf can charge via connector or removable bottle Despite being the most technologically advanced airgun of all time, Delta Wolf has been designed and built to be simpler to use, easier to tune and faster to service. 



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Daystate Delta Wolf Black

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