Brocock BRK Silver Ghost Air Rifle

The Brocock BRK Silver Ghost Air Rifle embodies innovation and precision. Crafted by renowned manufacturers, Brocock, this airgun boasts cutting-edge technology in the realm of PCP air rifles.

At its core, the BRK Silver Ghost showcases a top-tier sidelever action that's not only of superior quality but also adaptable for both right- and left-handed users. Complementing this versatility is a magazine feed designed for either left- or right-hand operation, offering a shot capacity ranging from 16 to 26 rounds based on the calibre, making it a truly ambidextrous air rifle. Enhanced with an adjustable cheek piece and but pad, it ensures an ergonomic and comfortable grip for users.

Tailored for versatile hunting experiences, this high-powered 12ft/lbs air rifle has been meticulously optimized for performance across various environments. The standard model features a 23-inch barrel and a 480cc carbon air bottle, while its carbine variant is equipped with a 17-inch barrel, a short shroud, and a 300cc carbon bottle. Additionally, the Plus model sports a 17-inch barrel paired with a 480cc carbon air bottle.

Straight out of the box, the BRK Silver Ghost offers an array of impressive features, including a fully adjustable trigger, a fully shrouded barrel with a 1/2" UNF thread for easy silencer attachment, a cross bolt manual safety, an adjustable Picatinny scope rail, and three additional accessory rails, making it the quintessential air rifle for enthusiasts seeking top-notch performance.

Please note the standard model does not included the 0db silencer - Please select 0db Silencer variation to have it included with your rifle

Ghost Ghost Plus
Calibre .177 and .22 .177 and .22
Length 26 inches 29 inches
Weight 3.1kg 3.2kg
Shot count

.177 - 250 shots

.22 - 280 shots

.177 - 350 shots

.22 - 380 - shots


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Brocock BRK Silver Ghost Air Rifle

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