BRK black moderator both long and short version shown


All silencers ordered separately will incur a £15.00 delivery charge as legally they have to be delivered to a third party Firearms Dealer. It is illegal to send silencers through the post direct to an individual. However if you order a silencer with an air rifle this charge will be removed.


New for 2023/24 BRK’s MF 1/2" UNF Silencers. The quietest silencer BRK has ever made eclipsing the performance of many existing and more expensive custom brands.

The MF170mm is the long version designed for ultimate silencing and use on shorter rifles such as bull-pup designs and carbines, while the MF 121 is the short, intended to compliment longer full-length rifles. Both silencers have 40mm diameters, which makes them super effective in cutting down muzzle noise.  Fits industry standard 1/2″ UNF threads. Calibre specific to .177 (4.5mm) and .22” (5.5mm) Calibre.

It is the perfect accessory for any airgun shooter wishing to make as little muzzle noise as possible.


121.78mm (4.79”)
170mm (6.69”)
Outside Diameter
40mm (1.57”)
40mm (1.57”)
WEIGHT 151g (5.32oz)
195g (6.87oz)




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