Air Arms TX200HC Hunter Carbine Ultimate Springer with Walnut Stock Package Deal features: Hawke 3-12x50 AO IR Scope, Match Mounts, Buffalo River Gun Bag and Pellets

Air Arms TX200HC Hunter Carbine Ultimate Springer Walnut Stock Package includes

  • A fully tested certificated quality rifle.
  • A detailed test certificate
  • Manufacturers Guarantee
  • Air Arms TX200HC Hunter Carbine Ultimate Springer Walnut Stock air rifle
  • Hawke 3-12x50 AO IR Scope
  • Match Mounts
  • Buffalo River Gun Bag

The Air Arms TX200HC Ultimate Springer Walnut Air Rifle combines the world’s finest spring-piston action airgun, with the best production stock ever made. It’s the Air Arms philosophy to do all they can to help their customers get the most from their shooting, and the new ULTIMATE SPRINGER is designed to do just that. Using their world-beating TX 200 and Hunter Carbine actions, they’ve now added perfect gun fit and total performance through the addition of a full-control, no-compromise, ambidextrous stock design.

Our customers told us how the fully-adjustable stock of their S510 Ultimate Sporter PCPs had transformed their shooting, and we knew it could do exactly the same for our spring-piston rifle users. That’s why they’ve used the proven formula of an infinitely adjustable cheek piece, that can move vertically and laterally, with full tilt and swivel variations, backed by our high-precision 3-axis butt pad, to guarantee perfect shoulder contact and ideal eye-scope alignment, as well as that essential gun fit.

It’s this combination of infinitely variable gun fit and total control that allows the shooter to get the most from their rifle, their scope, themselves and their sport. Air Arms, believe that every customer deserves ultimate performance – and the new Ultimate Springer makes that possible.

The TX 200HC Ultimate Springer brings together the stock adjustability of the award-winning S510 Ultimate Sporter, with the world-beating actions of the classic TX 200 and Hunter Carbine range of spring-piston rifles. There will be three stock options within the Ultimate Springer range, and all follow our proven no-compromise, fully ambidextrous design.

The cheekpiece adjustment system is identical to the mechanism developed for the S510 Ultimate Sporter, built around a precision ball joint to create unlimited positional options. The cheekpiece can be adjusted vertically and laterally, in addition to its ability to swivel and pivot to perfectly accommodate the user’s needs.

The stock’s 3-axis adjustable butt pad delivers optimal shoulder contact, perfect eye-scope alignment, and overall gun fit. The extensive laser-cut stippling ensures secure hand contact, with maximum control with minimal effort.


  • Cheek piece with vertical, lateral, tilt and swivel adjustments
  • 3-axis butt pad
  • High-lustre, eco-friendly trivalent chrome plated trigger
  • Fully featured, no-compromise ambidextrous stock
  • Lothar Walther match-grade barrel
  • Direct barrel loading
  • Built-in moderator (where legal)
  • Adjustable two-stage trigger with safety
  • Air Arms Safe-Lok loading system
  • Synthetic bearing system for reduced friction


.177, .22


Up to 12ftlbs or FAC


Auto, anti-bear trap

Stock Options


Shot Count



Two stage adjustable weight & length

Total Length



None. Machine cut scope rail


Single shot. Sliding breech

Barrel Length







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Air Arms TX200HC Hunter Carbine Ultimate Springer with Walnut Stock Package Deal

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