Midland 5 Litre Airgun charging bottle in black. This 5 Litre air rifle filling dive bottle comes with gauge rubber boot and hose.

This Midland 5 Litre airgun charging bottle is a small and compact dive bottle that can be easily carried into the field like our 3-Litre, but is much more stable when standing up - due to its lower centre of gravity and wider footprint.

Ideal for all air rifle types this bottle is a favorite of most airgunners. 

It’s Filling to 300 Bar, complete with a boot and various adaption options; this cylinder is a great deal for people who need the mobility and storage benefits of a compact cylinder.

Please note bottles are not filled when sold as couriers will not except them.

Approximate number of fills in to an Air Arms S400:

- 5 Litre 300Bar - 25 Fills



- Size 5 Litre ( @ 300Bar)

- Max Pressure 300 Bar

- Weight 7 Kg

- Height/Width 46/22 Cm

- Test Interval 5 Years


5 Litre Airgun Charging Bottle

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