The Greatest Air rifles BSA have created…. BSA R10

March 27, 2018

The Greatest Air rifles BSA have created…. BSA R10

The Greatest Air rifles BSA have created…. BSA R10

This BSA R-10 air rifle is a pre-charged pneumatic sporter, featuring a buddy bottle air supply, a fully-regulated action, 10 shots as fast as you can crank the bolt, and possibly one of my favourite triggers on a hunting air rifle.

The new SE model has the new BSA regulator, which gives an estimated 10% increase in shots. Also the supplied CCS (‘Customer Configurable Shroud’) silencer system, is just brilliant. The R-10 even has a 4-way adjustable butt pad. Making it super customisable and therefore overall user-efficiency. Not a bad line-up.


The R-10 SE’s has an 200cc buddy bottle and its recommended to be filled to 232 bar with compressed air, using the plug-in adaptor supplied. The only con to this bottle, is it is small compared to some of the new air rifles. However you still will get around 250 shots in .22 and 190 in .177, due to the new regulator been even more efficient.

The R-10 has a brilliant trigger, which is one of the main factors the R-10 performs so well. When setting the rifle up make sure to take the time to set it up perfectly and you’ll have no issues with accuracy.


The R-10 even comes with two magazines!

Personally, I love that the magazine sits low in the action block and allows the user to use the entire scope rail. Furthermore its means you are able to use lower mounts, which on some guns you aren’t able to use.


That CCS shroud that comes standard with the BSA R-10 can be removed in minutes, leaving the VC silencer attached to do its work. Personally, Looks matter to me a lot on my air rifles and the shroud is a major part of the SE’s overall aesthetic.


When handling the BSA R-10 SE I found is so easy, light and effortless. These are very important if you are using this air rifle for hunting, as you are always on the move and don’t want to be fatiguing or struggling to move around with it.

If you are a shooter who favours the thumb up position for your trigger hand, the indentation in the thumb rest turns an already comfortable pistol grip into one of the most comfortable grips of any rifle I’ve shot over the years.

On the range at a full 40 yards, the .177 calibre R-10 SE will place its pellets in 19mm clusters. At 25 yards, I was getting 14mm clusters and I don’t have the best shot. I then let one of my mates test out the rifle and even he was getting very tight groupings, despite he has only shot a rifle on a few occasions.

I was getting on average about 11.2 to 11.4 ft.lbs per shot which is where most pcp air rifles should be. The R10 SE is available in four different stock types:

  • Walnut
  • Realtree Camo
  • Black Edition
  • Black Pepper Laminate.


This really is my all-time favourite BSA airgun. I love the ability of configuring the look and feel of your rifle to exactly the way you want it. The adjustable butt pad and trigger, allows you to make your BSA R10 SE fit exactly how you’d like. Being this comfortable with your rifle is key when shooting especially if your hunting as you need confidence when it comes to taking that all important shot.

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