Yukon Photon RT

March 27, 2018

Yukon Photon RT


I tested the new Yukon Photon RT 6-12x50s on Redbeck 100 yard range and used my weihrauch HW100 to shoot.

The RT is the updated model from the photon XT priced at £585

Stream Vision:

Their new App which works on IOS or Android has made sharing your capture content possible. Any of the Pulsar or Yukon range with this built in can use the app. There are two ways to transfer files, download from the device to your phone from the 8g internal memory or use the supplied usb to the computer and it comes up as a mass storage device…. It’s really that simple.

The Stream vision App itself is easy to use and can control the device to a limited ability. The App menus are simple and well laid out. The App has the ability to change IR and magnification of your Yukon Photon RT. Furthermore it can turn the display on or off and then start and stop recording. When you have connected your device to your phone, you can also choose between photo or video shooting.

Mounting the device:

I would recommend purchasing the one piece mount that allows the RT to come back towards the face. It is a 30mm mount and makes it comfy to use over a long period of time. 


The IR Illuminator:

On the new Yukon Photon RT its improved the IR illuminator and it now has an astonishing 10 power settings and it increases the brightness the higher you go.

I’ve tried the photon RT with the standard IR torch and with an extra IR torch. Personally I like it with the extra IR torch as it allows you to get a cleaner light at night, whilst saving you power. I don’t have a problem with the on built in IR and starting out it’s more than suitable.

Whereas before you’d get roughly 5 hours from the Photon XT, you now only get 3.5 hours, which is kind of disappointing but its justified. This is down to the demand of the illuminator giving you the extra range. The Illuminator is able to focus in and out to adjust to your needs.

However, add a 5v battery pack into the side with the USB cable supplied, making your night time foray even longer

Photon Controls:

The RT series doesn’t overcomplicate things and it stays to the basic layout of the XT models. Visually they are very similar but the change now is the 4 AA power pack on the right side, instead of being in the top. Also the Photon RT includes a mic on the right side, to record any audio you wish to hear back at a later time.

Focusing is just the same as the previous models and the built on flip up cap helps for those sunny days if you want to shoot during bright sun light.

Simple menu System:

You now have two buttons. On the Photon RT, the first button powers on the device and also turns off the display. If you press once it turns off the display, while holding it down it counts down from 3 on the display to power off.

The second button is the menu and you can access this by holding down the button brings up you menu display to select the different options. If you simply turn the wheel left or right it moves the highlighted section up or down, depending on what you want. If you want to exit the menu hold it down for a few seconds and you’ll return to the main screen.

When pressing the wheel, you will be able to select from a little menu in the top right corner of the screen. This will include WIFI, IR from 1-10 and magnification. turn to select and press to choose.

Recording & taking Photos:

Accessing the recording button is easy, as it’s found on the back IR illuminator. However don’t make my mistake of confusing this for the IR on-off switch. This is where you can take photos and scroll through videos and photos using the wheel menu button on top. When you just press the small button it will start the video recording. Its dummy proof!!

Brand New Microphone built into the Photon:

The new addition to the photon is the mini microphone, which is held on the right hand side of the RT next to the battery pack. This is the icing on the cake for me, as it allows you to relive the moments as they were happening all over again. Don’t get me wrong the microphone is nothing special and it won’t reach to the target. After all what can you expect its only a small mic and not meant for capturing HD audio.


The Yukon Photon is a brilliant piece of kit and I love the fact that they didn’t completely change it from the old XT version. Instead they added some really sweet new features like the mic and stream vision. I highly recommend this to any night vision enthusiasts its worth every penny in my eyes.

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