Zan Projectiles .177 13 Grain Air rifle Slugs 400 Pack

These airgun slugs have been developed after many hundreds of hours of meticulous testing to meet Zan's high standards in accuracy, expansion, and suiting most .177 barrels on the market. They have been made for high power air rifles and sub12ft/lbs rifles.

The .177 slugs are extremely high quality with their silky body construction and deep hollow points for huge expansion on high or even sub 700fps velocities. The shallow hollow base shape also allow these slugs to get the most accuracy whilst being suitable for as many barrel types as possible. ZAN Projectiles slugs are not just for FAC. In-fact they can be extremely effective in 12ft/lb rifles according to founder and CEO, Žan Šude:

13gr Slugs

The first slug to consider is the 13 grain. These are designed to stay in shape and do not have an expanding skirt, they instead grip the rifling through their carefully crafted shape.

Slugs Per Box 13gr - 400
Weight 13gr - 0.84g
Diameter .177 / 4.51mm
Length 13gr - 0.25" / 6.35mm
Ballistic Coefficient 13gr - 0.68

ZAN Projectiles Slugs .177 13 Grain Air rifle Slugs

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