Weihrauch HW95K

The Weihrauch HW 95 is a lightweight sporter - with heavyweight performance.

This supremely fast-handling break-barrel is a scope-dedicated hunting rifle that provides all the power and accuracy you need without incurring a weight penalty. The renowned Weihrauch barrel, full-power action and slimline hardwood stock make certain every shot is delivered exactly where you want it.

The 'Rekord' trigger unit completes the Weihrauch HW 95 K package.the shorter barrel is screw cut, fitted with a HW High Efficiency silencer.

Weihrauch silencer makes it a quite spring gun for hunting and the beech stock finishes off a perfectly balanced lightweight hunting gun.

Style Sporter
Weight 3.1kg
Type Spring gun
Action Type Break Barrel
Power 11+ftlbs
Barrel Length 310mm
Over All Length 1155mm

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Weihrauch HW95K

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