HIK Micro M15 4G Trail Camera shown attached to a tree in the woods.

HIK MICRO have developed the M15 trail camera to offer a high specification, 4G connected trail camera with image and video capture at an exceptional price. HIKMICRO are renowned for high performance night vision and low light technology and the M15 is no exception, offering high performance image and video capture in daylight and darkness.

The built-in 4G connection automatically broadcasts the captured images and video to the HIKMICRO SIGHT App on your smartphone. Boasting 10 megapixel image capture with 1080p video the M15 is capable of capturing high quaity images and video in daylight and under complete darkness using the covert 940nm infared LED array built into the camera.

The fast 0.5s trigger time ensures that you don't miss any of the action while the comprehensive settings controlled from the HIKMICRO SIGHT App allow you to optimise the camera's settings and minimise false activations.

Software Features

The M15 trail camera uses the same HIKMICRO SIGHT App to connect, recieve images, and adjust the settings of the camera as all the other thermal and night vision products in the HIKMICRO range: Connect, control and organise all of your digital images and video from all your HIKMICRO devices with a single app.

Within the HIKMICRO SIGHT App you can get alerts when the camera is activated, recieve the images and videos captured by the trail camera and adjust the settings to match your requirements.

The M15 can capture images, videos, or images and videos at the same time. Choose between 10 and 3 megapixel images and 1080p, 720p HD and WVGA video quality, with audio as recorded.

You can also adjust the PIR sesnor detection range and the IR intensity as well as accessing advanced options such as restricting the camera to only activate at certain times of the day, or shcedule rhe camera to trigger and capture at a specific time.

Please note: An SD card less than 32GB (not supplied) will be required for use within the M15 trail camera.


  • 4G photos and video clips transmission
  • Up to 10MP images and 1080p video with audio Capturing
  • 0.5s trigger speed
  • 82 feet PIR detection range
  • Rich yet ease-to-use functions via HIKMICRO Sight A
  • 300 free photos a month until the end of 2023 - further photos can be purchased Via the HIKMICRO Sight App

What you get

  • HIKMICRO M15 4G Trail Camera
  • Pre-installed SIM card
  • Antenna 
  • Strap
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual




      • Network: 4G
      • SIM Card: Single SIM card (embedded in the camera)
      • Photos Transmission: Yes
      • Videos Transmission: Yes


      • Image Resolution: Up to 10m (4240 * 2385)
      • Thumbnail Resolution: 640 × 360, JPG
      • Image Format: JPG
      • Burst Shots: Support 1/2/3 photos per detectio
      • Capture Mode: Colour by day, Black and White by nig
      • Stamp: Logo, Battery Capacity, Moon Phase, Temp (°C/°F), Date, and Time


      • Video Resolution: 1080P (1920 × 1080); 720P (1280 × 720); WVGA (848 × 480)
      • Thumbnail Format: 640 × 360, JP
      • Video Format: MP4
      • Video Length: 10s (1080P)/20s (720P)/30s (WVGA)
      • Audio Recording: Yes

      Detection System

      • Trigger Speed: 0.5s
      • PIR Detecting Distance: 25m (82 ft)
      • PIR Detecting Angle: 60° diagonal, 45°horizontal (20m width)
      • IR LED's: 12 pcs 940 nm LEDs

      Power Supply

      • Battery Type: Standard AA battery (not included), 6pcs or 12pcs
      • Stand-by Time: Up to 6 months (12 AA)
      • External Power Supply: DC Port: 12V/2A


      • Local Memory Card: SD card 8GB to 32GB (not included); 32800 pcs HD images or 18240 pcs videos with 32GB
        memory card.
      • Cloud Album: Unlimited storage, but the exact number of thumbnails, HD photos and videos, and storage
        period vary from different data plans.

      Sight App Feature

      • App Function: Manage camera settings, display camera status, monitor data consumption and plans, configure photo & video reception and transmission, photo & video browsing and category
      • Data Plan: Free: 100 thumbnails per month with 30 days expiration. Other data plans can be purchased via HIKMICRO Sight App.


      • Storage Temperature: From -25°C to 60°C
      • Operating Temperature Range: From -20°C to 55°C
      • Working Humidity: From 5% to 90%
      • Protection Level: IP66
      • Dimensions: 112mm x 86.4mm x 143mm
      • Weight: 440g
      • Accessory: Installation Strap, SIM card, Antenna, USB cable, QSG
      • Mounting Adapter: 1/4"-20-UNC


        HIK Micro M15 4G Trail Camera with 0.5s Trigger Speed

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