Hatsan Model 55S

Hatsan 55S is a tried and tested Break Barrel, spring powered air rifle that is a real workhorse and is suitable for both target shooting, and pest control. Its full powered and very reliable, pushing out a consistent 11.5 ft/lbs. This model also features Hatsans own SaS (Shock Absorbing System), and a threaded barrel for the fitment of a sound moderator.

The accuracy is ensured courtesy of a precision rifled steel barrel, with Tru Glo open sights so you can always be on targets. To further help this a 9-11mm scope railed is milled into the top of the rifle to allow the fitment of additional optics.

Furthermore, an automatic cocking safety and a re-settable manual safety are fitted to ensure the rifle is not discharged until you are ready.


- Length: 1140mm (45")
- Barrel Length: 450mm (17.7")
- Weight: 3.4 kgs (7.5 lbs)
- Barrel Thread - ½inch UNF


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Hatsan Model 55S

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