Gamo Speedster Swarm Gen 2 Multi Shot Air Rifle

The new Gamo Speedster Gen 2 spring powered air rifle with a multi shot system from Gamo allows for a super quick reload for a fast follow up shot. Its great for a speedy target shooting session and the magazine is a 10 shot unit which is loaded into a special arm which works with the specially designed breech for trouble free and reliable loading.

With around the 11.5 ft/lbs of energy mark, the full powered rifle  fires pellets down the steel rifled barrel, which is ideal for accuracy and consistency. This barrel is covered by a full length barrel shroudwith Whisper Maxxim integral silencer which reduces the muzzle report considerably. The shroud also doubles as a cocking aid to assist in that motion.

New features include a side loading magazine allowing a lower profile. The gun also features Gamo's CAT trigger.

The lightweight synthetic stock with textured grips also has an underside spare magazine port and features the SWA customizable butt pad.

- Calibre - .22 and .177
- Approx power - 11.5 ft/lbs
- Barrel Thread - N/a
- Stock - Lightweight synthetic stock complete
with textured grips


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Gamo Speedster Swarm Gen 2 Multi Shot Air Rifle

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