Daystate Alpha Wolf

The Daystate Alpha Wolf Air Rifle is the second ‘future-proof’ PCP that Daystate has developed, and its launch places it alongside the highly acclaimed Delta Wolf in their current line-up of world-leading, user-programable electronic air rifles.

British-based Daystate's investment into computerised airguns means its rolling development programme can easily incorporate today’s latest performance improvements as well as tomorrow’s. The Alpha Wolf takes things a step further by offering all this in a stylish, new sportier package. In short, the world’s most advanced air rifle is still the most advanced air rifle… and is now available in two formats!

Whilst complementing its Delta Wolf bullpup sibling, Alpha Wolf’s individuality is immediately obvious courtesy of a beautifully sculpted, red laminate skeleton stock with extended forend lip and new-look Picatinny optic rail – still movable fore-and-aft to cater for any day and NV scope configuration – that is fitted with an anti-cant bubble.

Weight 3.35 kg




Action Type

Side Lever 11/13 Shot Magazine



Fill Pressure

240 Bar

Barrel Length


Over All Length



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Daystate Alpha Wolf

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