Crosman 2240 (.22 Pellet)

The Crosman 2240 air pistol has almost the full hitting power of the famous Ratcatcher. However its in pistol format, with a .22 Calibre single shot bolt action.

The Crosman 2240 is Ideal for pest control and vermin hunting, the Crosman 2240 combines accuracy and power for assured one hit kills, quickly and humanely dispatching animals.

The bolt action of the Crosman 2240 is crisp and accurate and the trigger is predictable for the ultimate level of precision.


- Length : 281 mm
- Barrel length : 190 mm
- Weight : 821 g
- Mag. Capacity : 1
- Approx Power : 5.5 ft/lbs
- Ammo Type : .22 Pellet


Crosman 2240 (.22 Pellet)

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