Brocock Bantam Sniper HR Laminate with HiLite Carbon Bottle

New for 2020 the Bantam Sniper XR HR with Laminate Stock. This rifle now has a side lever and  Huma Regulator giving it huge shot count making it a great choice for extended shooting trips whether it be out in the field, or shooting targets on the range.

Visually distinguishable by a redesigned breech and inclusion of a single-shot loading tray option, the Mk2 models feature an array of performance-enhancing updates that have evolved since the inaugural Compatto took the airgun world by storm with its avant-garde semi-bullpup styling.

The HR suffix of the newly-added Sniper models denotes the Huma Regulator incorporated into the action. Expressly for shooters who demand the ultimate output from a fast-handling, compact and lightweight rifle, specialist pneumatic engineers, Huma, worked closely with Brocock to maximise performance from the rifles’ self-regulating valve systems.

Compared to the standard Mk2 configuration, the Sniper HR versions offer more shots per fill-up and an even better velocity consistency – or ‘sweet spot’ – that spans the entire usable air charge.

The Mk2 and Sniper HR models retain the class-leading attributes that made the original Compatto and Bantam such a success, including the auto-loading side-bolt action, 11mm reach-forward scope rail, 10-shot magazine, on-the-fly power switch, Lothar Walther barrel and two-stage adjustable trigger with in-guard safety.

The bantam barrel is made by Lothar Walther and ensures excellent accuracy and consistency shot after shot, and the barrel is covered by a full length shroud to reduce the muzzle report. This shroud is then ended with a ½inch UNF thread for the fitting of an additional silencer.

Brocock Bantam Sniper HR Regulated  Features include;

- Precharged from a dive cylinder or high pressure pump delivering a shot capacity.

- Three power settings of low medium and high

- Removable self-indexing 10 shot rotary magazine

- Laminate Stock

- Adjustable cheek piece

- 2D adjustable butt pad

- Slingshot hammer system

- Two Stage trigger

- Resettable safety catch

- Full length, built in fully baffled silencer with adaptor for second stage silencer


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Brocock Bantam Sniper XR (Side Lever) HR Regulated Laminate Stock Carbon Bottle

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