Ghost M-LOK/ARCA Forend Rail

The BRK Ghost M-LOK and ARCA Forend Rail is a forestock extension for use with accessories with ARCA Swiss Plate or M-Lok style fittings. Its design offers a full-length platform when used under the 480cc carbon fibre buddy bottle models. The fore end rail comes complete with a 7 slot Picatinny accessory adaptor that fits into its key-slots.

Adaptor rail

1×7 slot rail –  length 110mm (4.25″)

What is M-lok?

M-LOK, for Modular Lock, allows for direct accessory attachment onto the “negative space” (hollow slot) mounting points and is generally lighter than raised rail such as 3/8″ dovetail or Picatinny. The fore end rail has 17 M-LOK slots to allow fitting of multiple range of aftermarket accessories.

What is ARCA?

ARCA – sometimes referred to as Swiss Plate or Swiss Mount – is a fitting used extensively in the camera world, but is now gaining popularity in the firearms world. Its ease of rapid adjustment makes it particularly suitable for accessories like bipods etc. Benchrest shooters really favour this system in the world of airguns. Why? Because it offers a long and easily adjustable base when using a heavyweight forestock support system.


This M-LOK/ARCA Rail is exclusively designed for the BRK Ghost PCP. It replaces the standard guard/forend rail and can be easily and quickly fitted with just a hex wrench tool. You do not need any special tools to fit the rail. And, you also do not require any gunsmithing knowledge.


Because the Ghost M-LOK/ARCA Rail is precision machined from high grade, lightweight aluminium, it will not upset the balance of your rifle. The finish is black anodizing to give it a tactical look. Plus a tougher finish; one rugged enough to withstand the rigours of field and range use.




      BRK GHOST M-LOK/ARCA Forend Rail

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