The AGT Vulcan 3 Bullpup Walnut 500 PCP Air Rifle comes with a 500mm long barrel. Shown in an angled view.

The AGT Vulcan 3 Bullpup Walnut 500 PCP Air Rifle comes with a 500mm long barrel.

The large carbon fibre cylinder, which on the standard airgun will hold 480cc of air and the long version holds 580cc of air, will keep you happily shooting without the need to constantly refill. Another feature that vastly improves the Vulcan 3 is the redesign of the monoblock which due to it now being a single solid piece provides improved rigidity and is much easier to maintain.

The moderator has also been redesigned and is larger than on previous models, now being 38mm in diameter in comparison to the previous 32mm, reducing the noise significantly and also looking the part with its intricate design complementing the stock which has changed very little, apart from the butt plate sitting a little higher than on the previous versions.

The Vulcan 3 has a sloped top picatinny rail for your choice of optics and a fixed slope of 20 MOA to accommodate long range shooting.  It also has a picatinny rail on the underside so a bipod can be easily attached without the need for drilling the stock and can be removed easily and as with other models the cocking lever can be changed from left to right making this a very versatile rifle.

The airrifle comes with a soft rifle slip, 2 magazines, fill probe and O rings, user manual and some branded souvenir items.

AGT Vulcan 3 Bullpup Walnut Features:

  • Ambidextrous Biathlon-style side leaver system
  • Improved trigger and saftey system
  • Modified sound moderator
  • Adjustable power plenum
  • 20 MOA sloped weaver for optical sights


AGT Vulcan 3 Bullpup Walnut Specifications:

  • Barrel length – Standard 500mm
  • Overall length – Standard 797mm
  • Weight – Standard 3.6kg
  • Air Capacity – Standard 480cc 
  • Magazine Capacity – 15 (.177) / 12 (.22)






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