Camo King reviews the Weihrauch HW100T & HW100S

April 24, 2017

Camo King reviews the Weihrauch HW100T & HW100S



What to expect?

I opened the new guns from Weihrauch with a little apprehension, could their new multi shot pneumatics match up to the build quality and accuracy that has kept Weihrauch at the forefront of imported airguns.

Weihrauch has always been hot on the lips of most airgunners if you ask them for their best built spring rifle. But now they are dabbling in the "modern" world of pneumatics and multi shot pneumatics at that.

Well no! actually I am for once wrong.. nothing about the HW100 can be called dabbling. These rifles truly are Super guns with an unrivalled build quality. But how good are they? I hear you asking and are they characteristically heavy?

Read on and find out...

First impressions

My first impressions of both the HW100T and HW100S were ones of admiration. Their rifles are fantastically built the attractive cylinder with multicoloured pressure gauge is one of the great features including a sturdy cocking leaver, an exceptionally well designed magazine holding system and a new all improved silencer.

So what's the difference between the H100T and HW100S well essentially in bare metal nothing, but in stock there is a massive difference. While I like the HW100S (Sports Stock) I much prefer the more attractive and in my opinion better handling HW100T (Thumbhole Stock). The stock is well crafted and nice to handle.

So are they characteristically heavy, while yes unfortunately they are heavier than the average multishot pneumatic. I am sure a lot of you who walk the fields gun in hand for hours on end would not enjoy the weight of this gun but for most airgunners the weight is nothing more than an average spring rifle so I doubt it will put many shooters off.

For those of you that do prefer a lighter rifle Weihrauch also offer the rifle in carbine models the HW100KT and the HW100KS. These significantly bring down the weight and offer a better balanced gun but obviously come with a reduced shot count at around 55 in .177 and 65 in .22

Easy of Use

So how easy is the gun to use? Most modern multishots tend to have at least one flaw or inconvenient feature, which rubs people up the wrong way. Has the HW 100 got any? Yes probably the most annoying thing about this gun is the cylinder it seems heavy for the amount of air it holds which probably explains the weight of the gun. However the quick fill port at the end is easy and efficient to use and saves valable time as you do not have to remove the cylinder.

So how easy is it to load? And does its multishot magazine jam? Well the answer is it is exceptionally easy to unclip the magazine and to load the pellets. The no fuss magazine allows you to quickly insert pellets and because you get two its shot life is even better. The magazine unclips very easily with a well built clip for securing it. Due to the fact that the magazine is open you can easily see how many shots you have left, unless you are in the dark of course.

Another great feature of the HW100 magazine is the fact that you cannot dual load the rifle. This means the magazine will not spin unless the pellet in the breech is fired. So unlike most other multishots on the market today there is next to no chance of you loading two or three pellets in to the barrel by mistake.

The well-built cocking lever is smooth and quick, no annoying stiffness and the magazine puts every pellets precisely in position ensuring no forcing of the lever or jiggling of the magazine found in some of the other multishots.


The HW100 is a superbly accurate rifle, out in the field its ease of use and unbelievably quiet silencer makes you think that maybe you didn’t fire that shot. But the resulting thud and drop tells you everything you need to know.

This rifle is deceiving the silencer as you pull the trigger does not mirror its formidable accuracy and power. I tested both the HW110S in a .22 and HW100T in a .177 I found both to be fantastic rifles in the field. Although as ever I would choose the .177 for pure accuracy and delivery of the pellet to the vital killing area.

On the range the HW100 performed as expected, it grouped like a dream.

Overall Summary

As I said at the beginning the Weihrauch HW100 rifles truly are Super guns with an unrivalled build quality that shows. If you are after a good, quiet well built multishot these airguns have to be on the contenders list. Apart from the few minor niggles as mentioned this gun is fantastic both on the range and in the field. View the Weihrauch airguns.

Rating Marks from 1-10

Ease of filling


Number of shots per fill


Ease of use


Build quality









62 / 70

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