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you can only buy cartridges using a valid Shotgun Certificate. All Cartridges are posted to a local Registered Firearms Dealer for you to collect.


    The Supreme Range of cartridges were introduced in 1994 as our "Flagship" game cartridge, developed to meet the demands for a Game Cartridge which would achieve good patterns and velocity at long distances. Single base progressive powders ensure very low recoil and low pressures at very high velocities. These powders enable us to make Supreme Game cartridges in true 65 mm cases (2 1/2in.) for shooting in Best English Guns with 65 mm (2 1/2in.) chambers. The range is available in shot weights from 28 to 34 grams. The lead shot is made to our specifications at a specialist lead shot manufacturing facility.

  • Quality control includes checking the Antimony and other hardener contents as well as sphericity and surface imperfections. The lead used in the Supreme Game cartridges is formulated specifically for Game shooting.

    Supreme Game

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