Nitesite R Camera Recording Module

The R Camera Module is perfect for any NiteSite user wishing to upgrade their NiteSite Viper, Wolf or Eagle system to enable instant, integral recording, without the additional expense of a complete RTEK upgrade.

The rugged R Camera Module houses an infrared (IR) frequency camera with a large push button on/off switch located on the rear face of the module for easy night operation. Similarly, the red ‘instant record’ button is simple to operate in the field and when pressed, your live screen view is instantly recorded direct to a removable micro SD card. It can also be shared live via built in Wi-Fi to a mobile device.

The R Camera Module is perfect for quickly and conveniently recording night hunting footage which can then be easily uploaded to a lap top computer or mobile device and shared via social media.


- Instant recording to a removable micro SD card

- Field friendly simple operation

- Built in Wi-Fi

- 4GB micro SD card included

- Free NitePlayer mobile app*

for iOS & Android

R camera recording moduleR Camera Recording Module instruction manual


Nitesite R Camera Recording Module with Wifi

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