RTEK Night Vision Kit by NiteSite

The NiteSite Eagle RTEK features advanced functions over the existing Eagle and incorporates integrated video recording at the touch of a button, screen brightness adjustment, on board camera focusing system..

Quickly and easily convert your day riflescope into a powerful night vision system with integrated video recording at the touch of a button to capture high quality imagery to micro SD card for sharing online and playback at home.


Now features advanced functionality including:

- Quick and easy to set up on any rifle.

- Integrated video recording to SD card.

- External camera focus for crisp imagery.

- Adjustable screen brightness control.


This kit includes:

1 x Camera module with record function

1 x LCD screen & illuminator module

1 x Scope clamp 25mm

1 x Scope clamp 30mm

1 x Recoil clamp

2 x Scope sleeves

1 x 4GB SD Card

1 x Scope Mounted Lithium Ion Battery

1 x Mains Battery charger

1 x Black Carry case

1 x Instruction booklet

1 x 2 Year warranty card



- 500m identification

- Five high power IR Diode

- 5Ah stock mounted battery


NiteSite Eagle RTEK Night Vision Kit NEW 2019

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