EK Archery Rex Compound Bow

The Rex compound bow can be used by a variety of ages as their draw weights range from 15-55lbs on the black bow. The CnC Machined cams ensure smooth cycling and have a let off of 65%. This Reduce the strain on the shooter and means you can put all your focus in getting the perfect shot.

This measure 28" Axle to Axle and weighs just 3.2lbs making it easy to transport. The Riser has been constructed from a tough material using a CNC machine. This ensures a highly accurate finish and balances the weight of the bow out.

The Grip on the Rex ensures a solid hold over your bow and reduces the chance of you dropping the bow even in rougher conditions. The Ergonomic design of this bow reduce the shock / recoil helping prevent shooting injuries and increases accuracy.

Along side this powerful compound bow you get great accessories (may differ according to bow) to get you started.

Black bow comes with:
- Screw Arrow Rest
- 3 pin Plastic Optical Sight
- 2 x Aluminium Arrows

- Speed: 230FPS
- Draw Weight Black & Skull Camo : 15-55lbs
- Draw Weight Folium Camo : 20-65lbs
- Draw Length: 20"-29"
- Axle to Axle: 28"
- Let Off: 65%
- Brace Height: 7.25"
- Weight: 3.2lbs

EK Archery Rex Compound Bow

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