Daystate Wolverine 2 C Type

Daystate, as is their normal practice, have ‘refreshed’ the design and an updated Wolverine 2. Almost every part of the rifles has seen some small and subtle improvements over what has already proven to be a successful and reliable design. A new core valve assembly taken from the Pulsar and renegade, which improves airflow for a much larger shot count as well as making the rifle easier to service.

Changes to the breech block design gives a more family look - quite like the design used on the highly popular Daystate Pulsar. A completely new stock from stock maestro Gary Canes’ Techwood Design studio, surely the most famous airgun stock designer in the world - being the chief architect here, with some further input from the chief designer of Minelli.

While they were about it the 3D butt pad used on the Pulsar was incorporated to add a new level of adjustability. The latest wolverine is slightly shorter than the original version and the centre of gravity moved rearwards for a better balance. Daystate here are making an already good design better as well as easier to shoot. Improvements incorporated into the latest batches of the match-grade German Walther barrel are included in the new rifle.

Accuracy on daystate rifles is always a given, but the company are keen to build on this wherever possible. In all a superb upgrade to a gun that was already a delight to shoot.


- Weight 3.2 – 3.7 kg (7 – 8 lbs) depending on model & capacity

- Length 1016mm (40”)

- Calibre .177, .22, .25,

- Shot Count TBC

- Magazine 10 shot

- Action Bolt action repeater ambidextrous

- Cylinder capacity: choice of 200, 300, (C type) 400, 480 (HiLite) 500cc

- Shot count .177 (110)) .22 (140)



Daystate Wolverine 2 C Type

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