Daystate Red Wolf Heritage Limited Edition

The Daystate Red Wolf Heritage Limited Edition is beautifully styled to match the company’s 40th anniversary Genus (2019), the Red Wolf Heritage melds a bronze and carbon-fibre finish with matching laminate woodwork. The new Red Wolf Heritage serves to remind shooters that besides leading the airgun world technologically, Daystate also creates some of the finest looking rifles in a more classical format.

With its flowing lines, the Red Wolf has been heralded worldwide as one of the most beautiful air rifles of all time. But a Daystate air rifle’s beauty is never just skin-deep. Inside the Heritage’s luxurious exterior beats a digitally-regulated heart that bears testament to Daystate’s 15 years’ mastery of building electronically-controlled air rifles (a field no other airgun manufacture has yet been able to even enter).

The Limited Edition Heritage model incorporates the very latest updates applied to the Red Wolf in its three-year production, such as the critically acclaimed A.R.T barrel and MCT technology the Red Wolf Heritage is guaranteed to deliver match-like accuracy out to the most extreme ranges.


Red Wolf HiLite

Overall Length

99.0 cm (39 ins)

Barrel Length

43 cm (17 ins)

Cylinder Capacity

480 cc

Weight (Unscoped)

3.5 kg (7.5lbs)

Available Calibres

.177 inch (4.5 mm), .22 inch (5.5 mm) & .25 inch (6.35 mm)


Magazine or Single Shot Tray


Side Lever action - reversible


10-13 Shot

Fill Pressure

Up to 230 BAR (3,335 psi)

Power / Shots Per Charge 0.303


Power / Shots Per Charge 0.25

45 shots @ 40 ft/lbs

Power / Shots Per Charge 0.22

475 shots @ 12 ft/lbs, 75 shots @ 35 ft/lbs

Power / Shots Per Charge 0.177

420 shots @ 12 ft/lbs, 165 shots @ 20 ft/lbs


Electronic release. Adjustable for weight and length of stage.


Manual, cross bar, lever open deactivation.


Ambidextrous Laminate


Silencer, Sling swivels, Gun box, Charging set.



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Daystate Red Wolf Heritage Limited Edition

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