Ucaller Xtreme Animal Caller

The Ucaller Xtreme is a simple to use elctronic animal caller. All of the calls are on changeable sound cards. Included in the package is the external amplifier speaker. This has a calling distance of upto a 1/2 mile. The speaker is weatherproof and fitted with a standard 3.5mm speaker jack.

- Animal caller with sounds recorded onto changeable sound cards.

- Sounds are easily selected using the C1, C2, C3 and C4 buttons.

- The sounds cards simply slide in and out of the side of the unit.

- The caller has a small built in speaker which is ok for high pitch sounds.

- Supplied with a weatherproof external speaker for extreme volume.

- Supplied with 2 cards with 4 sounds on each card. (UCARD1) Dog fox, Vixen, Rabbit, Hare. (UCARD2) Magpie, Magpie chatter,Crow and Hooded Crow.


Ucaller Xtreme Animal Caller

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