Ucaller Remote Animal Caller

- Easily choose any 1 of the 8 sounds with the finger friendly buttons.

- Sounds can be changed with the a USB cable (supplied) and a PC.

- Preloaded with 8 calls. Vixen, Dog Fox, Rabbit, Hare, Crow, Hooded Crow, Magpie and Magpie chatter.

- Supplied with a remote control that can be used up to a distance of 100mtrs. Remote will STOP/PLAY, select call and change the volume.

- The built in speaker will play sounds up to 10dB in volume.

- The option of adding an external speaker (UCSP1) is possible via the 3.5mm speaker port.

- The option adding an external power supply from 6.12volts is available by adding the power cable.

- Powered by 3AA batteries, you can expect about 20hrs life from a good set of batteries.


The sounds are crystal clear and are all relative to our native animals. The "fox" bark is exactly as you would hear a fox bark late in the evening. The "Magpie" sounds the same as you would hear this popular bird squawking away high in the tree tops.

Please note under UK Laws the bird calls can only be used for 'Call Training' and photography only.


Ucaller Remote Animal Caller

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