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Nitesite NS50 and N200 Night Vision Large savings on Hawke Laser RangefindersLarge Savings on Hawke Scopes Lightweight Poly Lithium and Lithium Ion Batterys for LampsDive Bottle and Cylinder Carry Straps
Knockdown FT TargetsTactical Padded Gun bagsAirgun Springs, Ox Springs, BSA Springs, Weihrauch SpringsShooter's Rest and Cleaning BoxU CALLER Fox, Magpie and Crow Caller
Large Savings on Hand Held Lamps and Lamping KitsFUD Pigeon Decoys - Fold Up DecoysLarge Savings on Scope Mounted Gun Lights and Scope Mounted Lamping KitsQuick Snap Adaptor KitNight Vision Scopes - Pulsar Digital Night Vision
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The Airrifle shop is the online homepage of Redbeck Shooting Supplies. Based in Wakefield West Yorkshire we offer a range of shooting merchandise, covering shotguns, rifles, air rifles and airguns. For more topical air rifle information click the links below.
Daystate Boxall and Ediston Limited Edition
BSA release the R10 with a black stock and the new R10 Camo
Air Arms Super Lite Deluxe Airrifles
14Ah Lithium Ion Battery Packs




Weihrauchs new HW110 Airrifle
The most exciting news from Weihrauch for the last 5 years. Later this year they have announed the launch of a brand new HW110 multishot pcp rifle.....more


Brocock Compattos now in stock
We have just received a large order of Brocock compattos in to stock. The New Compatto from Brocock is a brand new design in their line up of air rifles....more


Nitesite Open Evening 27th Nov 2015
For all of you that keep asking how good is the Nitesite Viper? What distance can you really get out of a Nitesite Wolf or Eagle? This is your chance to find out....more
Photon XT Nightvision Scope
We have now recieved our first batch of the brand new Yukon Photon XT 4.6x42 night vision riflescope. These scopes are the latest incarnation of night vision scope from Yukon, replacing the market changing Yukon Photon 5x42 with a whole host of upgrades and enhancements...more
Daystate Boxall and Edmiston
Daystate have just announced their new limited edition rifle the Daystate Boxall and Edmiston. There will be 150 rifles produced and they will be based on Daystate’s new Huntsman Regal. ...more
Daystate Huntsman Forester
The new Daystate Huntsman Forester Limited Edition.
Daystate are renowned for their special and limited edition rifles, the latest rifle to enter this exclusive stable is the Huntsman Forester
. ...more

BSA Release Two New Versions of the R10
BSA have just announced that they are releasing two new versions of the hugely successful R10 rifle. The new rifles will be the R10 Camo and the R10 Black. ...more

NEW BSA Lightning XL GRT - Gas Ram now in stock
We are pleased to announce that here at Redbeck Shooting Supplies we now have received stock of the BSA Lightning and Lightning XL Gas Ram Technology models. ...more

Nite Site Opening Evening 30th October
For all of you that keep asking how good is the Nitesite NS50 and NS200, here's your chance to find out. Come and test the sites in the dark on our outdoor range. ...more
Combro Chronographs back in stock
We are pleased to announce that we have just received stock of the latest chronographs to arrive in the country and these are now available online....more
Second Hand Section Updated

We have just updated our second hand air rifle section to include some of our second hand selection. Please note due to time constraints we are not able to upload our full listing of second hand rifles so please phone for more info.. click here for more info

The new Daystate Grey Shadow Limited Edition.

This time, Daystate have excelled themselves.
The Limited Edition Grey Shadow is quite frankly the most spectacular of a whole line of incredibly sort-after Limited and Special Edition rifles from Daystate
. click here for more info

Silencer Adapters to fit the Hammerli AR20

We finally have stock of the long awaited silencer adapters to fit the Hammerli AR20, these easy to fit adapters need no specialised tooling click here for more info.

FUD Fold Up Decoys Back in Stock

Finally we once again have stock of the Fold Up Decoy Pigeons. For those of you that have been patiently waiting for the FUD pigeon decoys click here to order.

Airgun and Air rifle Repair and Service Centre Open

We are pleased to announce that legendary UK airgun designer Jim Hogan will be joining the company at the Start of October. The name of Hogan is synonymous with genius airgun design and top quality products. ...more

Daystate Release Limited Edition Air Ranger
Daystate are renowned for their special and limited edition rifles. This September they will launch a Limited Production Air Ranger. This latest rifle will be called the Daystate Red Ranger. ...more
Air Arms Super Lite now in stock
Air Arms have just launched a new range of rifles. Following the success of their ever popular S400 and S410 rifles they have now launched the Super Lite range. ...more

Extended range of pigeon decoys now in stock
We have just extended our range of pigeon decoys. We now not only offer the traditional high detailed pigeon shells, but also a whole host of other decoying products. Including FUD Fold Up Pigeon Decoys, Magnets and Flying Pigeon Decoy Bouncers ... more

Webley Alectro Air Pistols
We now have stock of Webley's new pneumatic airpistol the long awaited Webley Alecto. ...more



Air Rifles & Airguns from the Airrifle shop (c) Copyright 2009 Redbeck Shooting Supplies Ltd
Company reg - 6863362 | VAT 909 9111 14 | Redbeck Farm Shop, 339 Doncaster Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1RT
Email - info@redbeckshooting.com
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Air Rifles & Airguns from the Airrifle shop (c) Copyright 2009 Redbeck Shooting Supplies Ltd
Company reg - 6863362 | VAT 909 9111 14 | Redbeck Farm Shop, 339 Doncaster Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1RT
Email - info@redbeckshooting.com